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  • File storage
  • Barcode storage
  • Scaning services
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  • Record storage same day delivery

American Document Storage & Shredding- We do the work for you!

American Document Storage & Shredding is a leader in file and document storage as well as information destruction and shredding. Our state of the art facility is equipped with safe and cost-effective storage solutions. Secure and offsite, American Document Storage & Shredding enables you to efficiently maximize your office space by eliminating outdated files and storing them in a safe place…

At American Document Storage & Shredding, we make the process easy…

1. American Document Storage & Shredding delivers storage
cartons to your door
2. We pack all the documents securely
3. We transport them to our safe and secure facility


Whether your documents are stored in file cabinets, boxes, microfilm, or outdated computer systems, American Document and Storage, offers a solution. Once we assess your current situation, our team will work with you to devise a customized and efficient electronic filing solution. We can provide access to your stored hardcopy inventory in digital format using our scan-on-demand service. Scanned information can be delivered to you via email or downloaded from our secure server in multiple file formats.

Why Shred? It’s the law!

  • Save time and office space
  • Protect your employees and customers information from identity theft
  • Protect your business from lawsuits
  • Every business in the U.S is required by Federal Law to Destruction of Consumer Information 
  • Avoid penalties

One Time Service
Outdated files taking up office space and are time consuming.  Many companies resort to Shredding Services NY in order to maintain high level of security and avoid regulation penalties. However, some low volume businesses prefer to use an office shredder, which consume much of the employee time, effort, and not always can shred the document to it best size needed. Also, even the most loyal employee is a security risk when it comes to handling of sensitive information.
Shredding Services NY offers One Time Service to help you maximize efficiency of employees, keep high level of security and utilize office space to the fullest, all at an affordable price.    

Our Services:

File record storage

File scaning

File shredding

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